Everyone Dies… But Not Everyone Lives!


I like it when diverse thoughts and diverse conversations seem to converge at one time from diverse locations to teach a lesson.

It’s kind of freaky… but I like it.

So, I’ve probably seen Superchick perform four or five times over the years, and I just heard their song “Cross the Line” about living life full-throttle… with no regrets… outside the pressure of pop culture… and outside the lines.

Interestingly, I had at least four calls from people this week who had put ALL of their dreams on hold… for various reasons. Not ten minutes after the last call, another hit song (“We Live”) from a few years back came on the radio. The second verse raises the question of why so many people wait to live… ’till it is time to die.

Good question.



When Ron Heagy and his younger brother went surfing the day before his eighteenth birthday… he didn’t realize it would be the last time he would move anything below his neck.

That was twenty-nine years ago.

A few days ago… I met Ron. The first words out of his mouth were these… “I had a great day today… a really great day. But… I want you to know… it may be my last.”

There were several hundred people in the room… you could hear a pin drop.

“Though I have to tell you… ” he went on, “it could be your last day too.” Total silence. “Two questions…” he said, “if this IS your last day… was it your BEST day? And… IF not… WHY not?”

Thanks Ron… very good questions… yes, very good questions indeed.


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