Hitting The Target… Part III

Traditional Advertising

Although cable television had been around for decades, the 1980’s saw its entry into the mainstream.

The attraction was two-fold.

First, we now had 24 hour news and entertainment on scores of channels…

No more National Anthem at 1 a.m. to announce the end of the broadcast day.

Second, we were able to enjoy an entire movie or program without commercial interruption, all from the comfort of our own living rooms.

And then something interesting happened.


Several networks… the biggest of which were HSN (Home Shopping Network), and QVC (Quality, Value, Convenience), were created to let viewers watch product pitches 24/7.

The segments were quasi-interactive… and information packed.

They introduced the product… talked about the product… and modeled the product. They guaranteed the product… and previous buyers called in to endorse the product.

And we all watched… often in the middle of the night… and then we bought within a certain time frame, or the deal was off.

On to the next product.


But as we discussed earlier… things change. They always do.

Let’s say that today, for example, you want to find out more about these television shopping networks… so you google HSN and QVC.

I just did… moments ago.

The search does not tell you where to tune in on your local cable carrier. Instead, it returns the results of hsn.com and qvc.com, where you can go and purchase the current hot items… online.

Interesting… here are television networks… birthed by the cable revolution… designed for people who would watch infomercials all night long.

And what are they doing?

Meeting their customer’s desire to live life on their own terms… on their own schedules… on the web.

I look forward to speaking with you.



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