Living Your Dream..? Part I


“I’ve been reading your articles… and it’s really beginning to bug me!” said the voice at the other end of the phone.

Now… I’m open to criticism… so I asked him what exactly was the source of his frustration. “It’s not you…” he said, “it’s me. I am totally NOT living my dream!”

So I asked him a question that I had asked several others this week… in fact, a question that I asked MYSELF this week. “If tomorrow morning you were offered three year’s salary… but told you could never again do what you’re doing now for a living… would you take it?”

Hands down, EVERYONE said they would take the money… and spend the next three years developing and perfecting what it was they really wanted to do… that is, accomplishing what they believe they are really meant to be doing… at least, at this time of their life.

Everyone… said that?

Yup… even me. I am currently involved in a number of projects, ONE of which I would gladly trade in by the end of the summer for three year’s compensation. And the other projects..? Not a chance… not for ten years earnings!

It’s pretty revealing.


Okay, so there’s good news and bad news.

The BAD NEWS is that you were absolutely sound asleep and dreaming if you thought someone might offer you your wages x3 to stop showing up tomorrow! I mean… let’s get real!

The GOOD NEWS is that you are now completely awake, and fully understand that there is another path you can take (the one you would have developed and perfected if you had the three years), that will bring real purpose and meaning to your life and work (not to mention compensation), and real impact to the lives of others.


Okay, so I can only speak for myself here… but these thoughts have left me… uhh, shall we say… slightly manic? Yes, that is a good description… so excuse me… I gotta go. But I’ll meet you back here in a day or two… and I promise I’ll have made some plans. And, what the heck… why don’t you bring yours?



What activities would you gladly give up tomorrow… if you didn’t need the money? What would you do with your time?

What do you want to be remembered for most of all? Would additional time or money be useful (or maybe required) to build that legacy? How do you plan to get it? When are you going to have it?

Can you point to consistent and concrete weekly activity that is moving you toward this goal?


I look forward to speaking with you.


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