How we do, what we do…


I was asked the other day about our marketing plans as we launch our practice.

Actually, the question revolved around the topic of new and emerging media, web-based marketing, and social networking.

While these are powerful and developing tools to be sure, it appears that there are people who are only interested in having one tool, the latest tool, in their toolbox at any given time.

I understand why some marketers are always looking for the latest… next… best… killer app, idea, or channel. Their career plans, reputations, and ambitions are on the line.

And I understand why many consultants look for the same, proclaiming the end of the world for previously used methods of communication, engagement, experience, and branding. Their income is tied to their ability to sell ‘next’.

Then on the other hand, there are managers of ‘the old way’ that are wary of ‘the new way’ because it could wreak havoc on their numbers and the status quo.

Of course, none of these are good reasons to use, or not use, any marketing option.


In marketing, the only questions that matter are those that address the challenge of simultaneously meeting the customers needs, desires, and expectations, as well the business’ objectives.

Marketing alternatives that are useful to achieve one, may be ineffective for another.

Our approach will be a multi-faceted, multi-channel approach… making use of both new and traditional media, and a combination of specially tweaked small business tactics that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

But most importantly, I plan to have you help me. Yes, that’s right… the same way we have built successful ventures for over twenty years.

This is not rocket science… this is small business, relationship-based, marketing.

If we see eye-to-eye… if I bring great value… if I promote you and your business at every opportunity… then I expect that, in time, you will do the same for me.


I look forward to speaking with you.


Photo Credit:

Jack Mora