A Good Time To Review…

Check the Time

Okay… so we’ve burned through seven days of the new year,
and I haven’t once written 2008 on any of my checks.

Excellent… but there’s a much bigger issue at hand.

It was just over a week ago that we were speaking of what
we plan to accomplish as we head in to 2009…
what we NEED to accomplish.

These are the goals that must be achieved in order to launch us into 2010 and beyond… in order to keep us on track with our bigger purposes in life.

Yes, just a week ago… it was all still in front of us then.

Now one of fifty-two are in the books. That’s good news if we’re on track… and a caution flag if we’re not. It is time to review.


It seems like just yesterday… more accurately, it seems like a just a few short years ago… that I got my Private Pilot license.

In fact, it was 1991… amazing.

One lesson we learned quickly was that you can get everything right… everything, that is, but one… and you’ll miss your destination by miles. Here’s why…

It seems the wind… which cannot be seen… is a powerful force that often works against you. Seldom is it directly at your tail… going the precise direction you are.

This means that constant corrections are necessary… or you’ll be blown off course. Flying faster won’t help… it will only get you to the wrong place quicker. And flying more efficiently (optimized air/fuel mixture) won’t do any good either… it will still be more costly to get to your ultimate goal in the long run.


Having set goals for 2009 in seven areas, I realize there are many things that can blow us off course in reaching those objectives.

And often, like the wind above, these obstacles are not readily seen. They are all the small activities, diversions, and spontaneous opportunities that compete for our time and attention.

As small business leaders… and in life… diligence and focus are required to stay on course… daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Constant review… correction as necessary.

The alternative is to take our chances on where we might end up.


I look forward to speaking with you.


For consideration:

Regarding our goals… we are either on track right now… or we’re not.

Leadership is required to keep the important things, the important things.

Without diligence and focus, reaching big goals is unlikely.


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