The Problem With Luck…


A successful friend of mine likes to say that the harder she works… the luckier she gets.

Another friend says that he’s always been lucky… lucky that he’s not lazy, that is.

As for me, well… you know I just don’t put much stock in luck.

In fact, I guess I sorta feel the same way about luck as I do about coincidence, and we’ve talked about that many times before.

Simply put, I believe that most things happen for reasons… some of which we understand… and others which we don’t.

Most of the time, luck can easily be traced to factors such as cause and effect, healthy thought and work habits, or respecting either natural or spiritual laws of success.

You know, like…

What goes around comes around.
You get what you give.
As you sow, you will reap.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.

All that.


Oh… and then there’s this.

You see, I believe another problem exists for those who trust in luck… and that is that luck leaves no room for Providence.

“Providence…” you say. “My mother was from Providence!”

Yeah, so was mine… Providence, Rhode Island… but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the kind of Providence that has our Creator working (often tirelessly) in the lives of the created… in other words, for the benefit of you.

And (thankfully) me.



Okay, so now I can just hear the questions…

So do you really believe God is involved?
Are you from the Middle Ages?
What if you won the lottery?
Why would God care if you won the lottery?

My answer…

There are some things we just don’t know, like why did God care who won the Superbowl this year… but obviously He did, didn’t He!!!

Go Pack! :)

Sorry, I digress… what was the question again?

Oh, yes… wouldn’t I agree that winning the lottery would be considered a matter of luck, and alas… I would not.

Crazy worldview though you may think it… I actually believe that, no matter the odds, if God wants me to win the lottery my chances hover at right around… oh, I’d say… 100%.

And if He doesn’t, well… I guess it’s about 0%.

Hmmm… come to think of it, the odds on the Wisconsin lottery are somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:186 Bazillion… or, right about 0%, I’d say.

So, I suppose I’ll buy a ticket and leave it up to Him.

And in the meantime… I’ll work my tail off for my Causes and my Purposes, my Vision and my Mission… and we’ll see how lucky we get there.


I appreciate your prayers… no need to wish me luck.


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