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Imagine all of your customers and potential customers eagerly logging onto a private membership site created by you, just for them. Imagine the loyalty that follows when they receive value that your competitors can’t begin to touch. This is the power and potential programmed into the New Media Jet site, which was designed to give aspiring authors the inspiration, organization, and motivation to create something truly special… their first book!



Buying insurance can be confusing! Purchasing duplicate coverage is expensive! And signing on the dotted line of the wrong policy could lead to financial disaster in the event of a claim! So what is a person to do? Only an Independent Insurance Agent can represent your best interests and offer you amazing policy choices from a wide range of carriers. And the agency we’ve recommended since 1987 is Hornick Insurance Services in Green Bay, WI.



Can food that tastes this amazing really be that good for you? Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes! Created for The Urban Frog, Green Bay’s ultimate choice for local, organic, and gluten-free lunches, dinners, and catering, this site features a crisp, clean, and professional design that showcases, what else… their awesome menu! Also contains elements that build lists for both e-mail and text (SMS) marketing campaigns. Beautiful site.



Great rock music with a positive message? Not possible, say you? Totally possible, say we, and that is exactly what you’ll find at this exceptional review site created for! There are also select insights about books, movies, rides, and games that are family-safe, and also a few links to some really powerful charities that won’t waste your money, but mostly this destination is about the music. Plain and simple…. rocks.



The insights and revelations contained in the book Government and Freedom: The Power to Decide were hidden away for decades in an unpublished manuscript by political science expert and attorney, Garth Seehawer. Until, that is, the book was published by New Media Jet and this attractive website was created to shine light on the project and allow his readers to buy! Simple. Effective. Professional. And results-driven, just like the author.



My personal site, began as a blogging project about small business and marketing. Over time, it paved the way for consulting projects and leadership opportunities, gained a readership of thousands of people in all fifty states and nearly one hundred countries around the world, introduced me to new friends and reacquainted me with some old ones, and helped me to clarify my thoughts, beliefs, and values along the way.



This powerful site was designed for high traffic in the field of addiction recovery. Positive, upbeat, and hopeful, the light and clean design offers audio, visual, and print resources to help families in their greatest moments of stress, anger, frustration, and despair. Contains over fifty articles on the topic, and many interviews with medical professionals and experts, as well as current and former patients and their families.



The Samaritan Solution is a book that looks at the process of addiction recovery through the eyes of the Christian story of The Good Samaritan. An interesting aside is that the author was raised Jewish, had then spent sixty-five years outside his own faith, and had never heard the Christian story before. The website is deigned to allow people to purchase the book securely, and connect directly, privately, and anonymously with the author.



A classic author site designed to achieve the big three: 1) create awareness and interest about the cool, new publication… in this case, a fantasy thriller titled The Silent Moon, 2) create awareness and interest about a young, talented, and aspiring author named Shelbey Jensen, and 3) provide an opportunity to sell her book in both softcover and Kindle formats in her own store and also at Nicely done, Shelbey… nicely done.



What allows the author to sell thousands of dollars of items on Craigslist when others can’t seem to sell a thing? How can you sell your own items for up to 300% of normal rummage sale prices without negotiating? How do you protect your privacy, avoid ripoffs, and get eager buyers bidding for your goods? What system can you use, and how quickly can you do it? The answers are easier than you think – and they’re in this book!



Welcome to something amazing… the online home of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church. Though a brand new start-up, the vision of their pastor and people reaches far beyond their own walls and borders. This powerful site integrates the full power of the web and social media to accomplish the organization’s primary mission: to reach the world with the message of God’s amazing love and forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ.