Who’s Afraid Of A Little Change…? Part I


It could just be a vision thing, or I suppose… you could call it a lack of vision thing.

But it seems that quite often, we see… or don’t see… whatever it is that we expect to see. In other words, our expectations color our perceptions… and then our actions.

And yes, of course, you guessed it… they also influence our inaction.

I’ve been thinking about several conversations that I’ve had recently with business leaders on the subject of change. Specifically, what visions do they see… and what expectations do they have… when they think about change.

Interestingly, most responses weren’t positive.

It appears that even these highly successful and powerful leaders can fall into the trap of guarding the status quo.

Of course, this is certainly understandable… since in many cases they were instrumental in helping to create it.


So, what is it about change that makes it so unpopular in so many circles?

Change often takes us to a place that is new… a place to which we’ve never been. And in so doing, it brings with it the unknown… specifically, the FEAR of the unknown.

Now, in case your mom never told you… I will. Stay away from four letter words… especially this one… F-E-A-R.

I have a friend who says that, given the choice, many people will choose UNHAPPINESS over UNCERTAINTY.

Yes, the FEAR of the unknown can be a powerful force… the operating words being “can be”.

However, it need not be… neither in our personal life… nor in our professional life.

Some stories… next time.



What do you believe is the difference between people who FEAR change… and those who embrace it?

What is your point of view?

What positive or negative experiences have colored your expectations?


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2 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid Of A Little Change…? Part I

  1. Thanks for posting this, Steve. It’s a subject that needs to be talked about & talked about some more! I just wrote 2 blog posts on the subject of fear. We are meant to shine, but fear is the illusion that keeps all of us, even the leaders you mentioned, down. It fuels our economic problems, as well as our personal problems. All it takes is a tiny shift to move away from it & into a more powerful & positive state of mind. We will never completely get rid of fear – the key is to recognize it for what it is & then use it as creative fuel, pushing through it to the other side, where great things may be waiting for us! Read more about my experience of fear as a powerful teacher at Naked Prayers – http://bit.ly/oQkxQ.

    Thanks for putting it out there!

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for the kind message… of course, you are right on! Also, congratulations on your the new book… out shortly, correct? I wish you incredible success as you make a difference and impact for others!


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