Your Best… Part 1


This week I began working with friends on a terrific project that will be absolutely transformational to the lives of a select group of individuals who have had about enough.

Enough waiting… enough stress… enough procrastination. Enough average and mediocre and ordinary.

Enough settling for second best.

Enough of others expectations… enough conformity and limitations. Enough unfulfilled potential and putting off dreams. Enough living in the future… enough living in history.

Enough of the same work with the same results and the same rewards.

Enough despair and frustration… enough judgment and ridicule. Enough fronts and faking and one-ups and game playing.

Enough fear and guilt and shame and pain and silence and loneliness… enough hopelessness and blame. Enough.

And so I’m wondering… is it possible, that you too, have had enough?

Photo Credit:

Alyssa Miller