Are You Competent..?


In a discussion with a family friend earlier today, she related that there were some activities that weren’t getting done… activities that she really felt needed to be accomplished in order for her to stay on track.

After the usual chit-chat about fear… and priorities… you know, the text-book stuff… I asked her about competence. You see, she is one of the most competent people I know… at least in all her areas of competence!

I asked her if it were possible that she is not doing these other things because she does not yet feel competent doing them… and BINGO!

Me-thinks we might have nailed it.

This was pointed out to me some years back when I was struggling with the very same thing. I was extremely competent in EVERYTHING I did… simply because I didn’t do ANYTHING in which I wasn’t competent.

In her case, the schedule is full of things at which she is very… very good. But this leaves little time to improve in other areas that are critical to the achievement of goals.

This can really become a stumbling block to learning… and to action. In fact, the need to be competent can actually stop action all together… and it is harder to start again the next time.

The advice I received all those years ago is still very valid. “The secret to becoming very good at something… is to be willing to be not perfect at it for awhile.”

Yes… good advice indeed.



The need to be (or appear to be) competent in every activity… can keep us from attempting worthy and worthwhile projects.

Be willing to try and fail. You might even succeed!


I look forward to speaking with you.


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