First-Time Leader?


Several weeks ago, a friend of mine received a promotion to what she described as “a position” that required her to “lead a team of paraprofessionals.”

While excited about the opportunities in front of her, there was, nevertheless, a bit of hesitancy in her voice the other day as she described the expectations and challenges that she was experiencing as a “first-time leader.”

“First-time leader?” I asked. Clearly, she must have been speaking of someone else!

First-time manager, maybe… but this girl’s been leading, she’s been influencing, and she’s been creating an environment in which others can thrive in her department, in her church, in her family, and in her causes… and she’s been doing all of those things for a very long time.

So, Julie… and any other Julies or Davids or Marys…

Don’t let the title fool you; you have way too much potential for that! And now I’ll keep this article short and leave you with another story from a few months ago on a similar topic… enjoy!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Photo Credit:

Susan M. Carter