Hey… Weight Up!


I have a confession to make.

Awhile back I heard a radio talk-show host make the statement that “women lie about their AGE… men about their HEIGHT.” And it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks that, at least in my case, that’s only partially true.

Because for the past number of years, I must admit… I ALSO lied about my WEIGHT! Ouch.

Yes, the truth hurts… and sometimes it comes from the strangest places. But I digress.

However, looking at my driver’s license right now, I can see that I am not only taller… but also lighter… than I really am.

Sounds like a chapter straight out of “When Good People Do Bad Things”… but alas, I digress again.


It seems like only yesterday (slight exaggeration), that I had (with seemingly little effort) a 38″ chest and 29” waist. I say little effort, but it was really an outcome of being poor enough that I had to walk everywhere. That, and some Tae Kwon Do.

But, then a funny thing happened. Well, not THAT funny… you see, one year… I gained a pound or two. That’s it; not anything more than that… just a pound or two in a year.

And then again every year after that for twenty more. Yikes!

So, suddenly I wake up one day and realize that I’ve been lying to myself… AND… to the Department of Motor Vehicles! Not good.

It is time for a change.


Now, after a good deal of research… I have settled on a program of two subtle lifestyle changes, and a handful of supplements. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime… I’m preparing to fess up to the man!


I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Photo Credit:

Pink Sherbet Photography