Leadership and Marketing… Part I

Leadership and Marketing

Because I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in one basket, I am involved in leadership roles in several ventures, and have had multiple irons in the fire since… well, pretty much forever. But one thing never changes… my focus on Leadership and Marketing.

Recently, I was approached by someone who had spent a fair amount of time reading the articles here at stevebuelow.com. He stated that previously, he had never really put the two together… at least in the way that I see it.

“Do you really think that Leadership and Marketing are of equal importance to a business?” he asked. Once he got my answer, he wanted to know if we could meet on a weekly basis by telephone in a coaching relationship.

Well, of course we can. Ahh, but I digress…

So, what about the dual focus… Leadership and Marketing. There are probably scores of reasons why I spend so much of my life either thinking, teaching, or writing about these two subjects… but here are just a handful to wet your whistle, and we’ll develop them further in the next few days.


The top seven reasons (as of this moment) that I give so much attention to these two disciplines:

1) It’s what I am really good at, and passionate about.

2) The effects of our Leadership and Marketing ability go way beyond the bottom line of our businesses; they impact our effectiveness in our relationships, our families, and the causes we support.

3) A lack of ability in either will greatly diminish our chance of success; the absence of both eliminates any opportunity to succeed in our efforts.

4) Strong Marketing without excellent Leadership ability will create very eratic cycles of growth and decline in your business, and tension in your marriage, family, or other relationships.

5) Strong Leadership ability without excellent marketing will result in a company with potential… but a company that no one knows about.

6) Many of the challenges that small business owners face are caused by struggles in one of these two areas.

7) An excellent life is made possible by our capacity to develop healthy relationships, and communicate ideas. These are the essence of Leadership and Marketing.



Who are you leading… and where are you leading them?

What are the top three benefits that your followers will receive if you are successful? In your business? In your home? Regarding a specific project?

When was the last time you ran into difficulty having your ideas accepted? In business by your coworkers, employees, or clients? At home by your spouse or children? How did it resolve? What would you do differently next time?


I look forward to speaking with you.


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