Resolutions… Resolutions. Part II


Okay, so here we are less than two weeks into the new year, and already millions of people have given up all hope to achieve the goals and resolutions that they set for 2010.

Maybe you know a few of them.

Now, let’s be really real, shall we… because I’ve been in that position more times than I care to admit.

So what are the top resolutions? What are the common denominators, and what makes them so difficult to achieve?


Here are some of the more popular undertakings that your friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers targeted for achievement this year:

Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Quit Drinking
Eliminate Some Other Bad Habit
Get Out Of Debt

Interestingly enough, many identified the same desires a year ago, and… the year before that. In fact, these are among the top resolutions every year.

So, therein lies the commonality… there’s a ton of us all wanting to make the same positive changes, and yet, we all seem to be struggling.

Why is that, and what can be done about it? Well… here is my take, and a suggestion to fix it once and for all.

First, understand that each time we try to succeed, and fail… there can be an overwhelming tendency to begin to accept the status quo as the realistic definition of our potential. In short, people lose faith in themselves. They quit trying.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering… that would not be considered to be a success principle.

Second, when we make these type of resolutions, they are all very focused on ourselves. I want to lose weight… I want to quit this or that… I… I… I… whatever.

And that is likely a big part of the problem.

Self-absorbed goals tend not to be big enough to overcome the storms along the way… because our true happiness and joy in life doesn’t come from having a smaller waistline, one less bad habit, or a few more dollars at the end of the month.

To the contrary, our quality of life comes from the strength of our relationships with other people. And the easiest way to open those doors is to find a way to help and add value to another person’s life.


So, knowing that millions of others are making and struggling with the same resolutions… if you want to trim a few pounds, dump the bad habits, or whatever… try this.

Find another individual who is looking to do the same thing, and make it your resolution to help them keep theirs. That’s right. Need to lose weight? Partner with someone and become their rock. Want to trash the cigarettes? Same deal. Need funds? You can start a small business online for next to nothing and split the profits!

Easy stuff.

And if I know anything about this (which I do), I am betting that putting your eyes on the success of another will give your efforts the significance required to keep your goals on track as well.

This year, why not resolve to make someone else’s resolutions come true? And then tell us all about it! I look forward to hearing from you.


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