Simple Things… Part II


I suppose I had a ton of great role models growing up… oh, and also story-tellers!

As a child I remember one of the small pleasures was listening intently to the radio, trying to figure out what was about to be revealed as Paul Harvey announced “the rest of the story!”

And so it goes today… in Part II.

As someone who has “Loyalty” show up in the top three attributes of any personality test and who has spent his entire adult life looking to build relationships and provide excellent experiences for others, I tend to patronize and promote any business or organization where the same qualities are evident.

So you won’t be surprised if I tell you that in the last few days I have found my way back to the Starbucks that I introduced you to in Part I of this article. And I also suppose that it won’t surprise you to learn that I made a special trip… just based on the exceptional treatment I received a few days earlier.

Yes, believe it or not… I went seven miles out of my way (at least two locations are closer) to get great service. Just like you do from time to time… and certainly, just like your customers.


It’s no secret that we all like to be recognized and appreciated… especially if we are making the choice to spend our limited resources with one or another business.

That said, it really is amazing how often this aspect of customer service slips through the cracks. I swear I have seen operations where on the thirty-first visit, customers are looked at and greeted as if they’ve never been there before.

And while I have seen those customers and guests take such things personally, I usually just tell myself that the clerk may be having a difficult day… is possibly distracted… or likely medicated…

But alas… I digress.

Though wouldn’t it be so simple to train the staff to just say something along the lines of, “Thanks for visiting us again… BTW, my name’s Sheila… what’s yours?”

And of course, I would then respond and she could smile and say…

“Nice to finally be introduced… how can I help you today, Steve?”

Ahh… music to my ears. And to the ears of our customers as well!



So the other day when Miss Elizabeth treated me so kindly at Starbucks… when she remembered, not just me… but also when I had last been in, and… my preferred drink…

Yes, when it was done so sincerely and without pretense or effort… I just knew that her supervisor would want to know… wouldn’t she?

Well, next time… you’ll get the rest of the story!


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