The Trouble With Money… Part II


I closed Part One of this article by saying something like, “Those WITHOUT MONEY often think about it FAR MORE than those who have it.”

Well, now – I guess that’s not completely true… I didn’t say “something like” that… to be sure, that’s EXACTLY what I said!

Those WITHOUT MONEY often think about it FAR MORE than those who have it.

In fact, I often think there is a striking similarity to food here in at least one important aspect. Here’s the analogy that comes to mind most often: Let’s say that you and I just returned from an entire evening at our favorite restaurant where we were treated to an unbelievable seven course meal…

* Appetizers with Italian meats and cheeses
* Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and herbs and spices
* Thick soup, tossed salad and an exquisite sampling of homemade breads
* Lemon sorbet served on real silver
* Broiled white fish and glazed chicken breast
* Generous slices of Prime Rib, Rib-Eye Steak cubes and fresh asparagus
* Finally, luscious Cheese Cake and unlimited Espresso to round out the experience

Now, if we are sane, what are the chances that either one of us is consumed with thoughts of getting home quickly to raid the fridge for a late night snack?

Not likely.

But what if it’s 11pm and I haven’t eaten all day? What if there’s a lack and my stomach has been growling for nine hours… then what? Well, it is quite possible that my focus could turn to food. And if it goes on long enough… even to unhealthy food.

I believe it’s the same with financial resources.

When we are satisfied (or occasionally even stuffed), money isn’t even on our minds. But let the lack come… invite the stress in… and thoughts of money (quite possibly even unhealthy thoughts) can begin to dominate our lives.

This condition of lack can motivate some to pursue money and think about money to the point that it becomes the main priority in their life. And unfortunately, this behavior can mess up… well, just about everything. Or at least just about everything that matters.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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