What Are You (really) Working For? Part II


Okay, so if you read Part I of this post… several things probably jumped out at you:

First, I am fortunate to have people in my life that aren’t afraid of the truth.

Second, I am blessed that they trust me enough to tell me what I need to hear… regardless.

And third, I am thankful that I have grown to look and listen (most of the time) for what’s good, true, and useful in any exchange.

Oh, and by the way… if you didn’t read Part I, you can either scroll down or click here.


Now, then… yesterday I told you there were four conversations that served as real wake up calls for me… right, in fact, when it was becoming evident that I was losing sight of what was truly important in life. Understand, however, that when I say that it was evident… I mean it was evident to others, not to me.

You’ve already heard about two of those conversations… so here’s another…

While in my office one early autumn afternoon, and engaged in the planning stage of what would one day become a new division in one of our companies, a brochure and invitation to attend a conference on that very industry arrived on my desk.

Understand this was before any of us really understood the power of our former Vice President’s new invention called the Internet… and research was incredibly time consuming. I was thrilled when I saw the agenda, and the subject matter that would be covered over four days.

Yes, four days in sunny (and warm) Orlando… the second week of October. Remember, I live in a part of the country where Global Warming isn’t a hot button (sorry).

My assistant was at lunch so I signed myself up immediately… and made my plane reservations (with a travel agent… if you remember those). Upon returning to the office and hearing my plans, she said “Orlando in October… nice… warm… sunny… and it’s being held at Disney World! Your wife and daughter must be ecstatic!!”

Uh… uhm… yeah, you know what? I didn’t even think of that.


Here I was… the guy who was working eighty hours a week (supposedly for them) going to Disney World for four days… and it never dawned on me to take some extra time… and make it a family vacation. Need I say… my priorities were messed up.

“Oh… you REALLY need to take your wife and daughter with you… trust me…”, my assistant stated. And of course, she was right.

We got it straightened out, and our family had a great time… me at the conference… and my wife and daughter with the Mouse. But, the flood gates were opening… and we have travelled together as a family on virtually every business trip since.

However, the conversation that would make me re-evaluate everything… was still to come.



Who are the people that you count on to tell you the truth?

When was the last time they really made a difference for you?

When was the last time you thanked them?


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