Goals for 2009…

Fireplace Lifeline

A few additional thoughts as you finalize your list of goals for the new year.

First, be sure that they are important to you; that they are worthy of the sacrifice you may need to make in terms of time, energy, and expense.

Second, organize them into bite size pieces…
micro-goals… and have small rewards along the way as you accomplish each. This will create a habit and expectation of success.

And third, diversify across many areas of your life; following the four steps to goal achievement that we discussed yesterday.


Along with my family, I am setting goals for 2009 in the following areas… you may have more or less.

1) Spiritual – leave this one on the shelf if it’s too personal, or just not your deal… but I’ve found that the happiest people I know have a focus and purpose much bigger than themselves. Includes charitable and mission oriented activities.

2) Family – experiences that strengthen our relationships, create memories, and solidify our future… together.

3) Health – focus on activities that keep us young, vibrant, active and involved in life.

4) Personal growth – educational and learning opportunities that improve skills, hobbies, and abilities.

5) Social – actions that impact relationships with friends, and the community.

6) Financial – continued creation of multiple streams of revenue; used to fund all other activities.

7) Business – focus on issues of sustainability, reputation, and value.


I look forward to hearing your list… and of your successes in 2009.


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