Don’t Miss This…


I suppose there are at least three reasons why I spend so much time thinking, speaking, writing,
and teaching about goal setting and achievement.

First… to keep my own feet to the fire.

Without goals that are cast in stone (not to mention my calendar), I can be distracted as easily as anyone into activities that keep me from achieving the most important priorities for my business and family.

Second… I meet so many individuals for whom the success rate in reaching goals is unnecessarily low. A significant number of new year’s resolutions have already fallen… tossed on the heap of unkept promises. This lowers future expectations and potential, and robs many good people from enjoying the true benefits of a life of excellence and purpose.

Third… there is more riding on the achievement of today’s goals than initially meets the eye.


Call it a chain reaction… call it the domino effect.

The BIG goals we set for 2009 are dependant upon hitting numerous daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly ‘micro-goals’ along the way. Miss today’s little goals… miss the year’s BIG goals.

But here’s what many people won’t see…

Those BIG goals we set for 2009 are really just small, tiny, micro-goals along the way to hitting
our much BIGGER… and more important… five, ten, or twenty-year objectives. Miss the goals
for this year… and we jeopardize our vision, mission, or purpose for the future.

And that… is what drives me.


I look forward to hearing your goals.


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