Leadership and Marketing… Part II

Leadership and Marketing

So, yesterday I laid out seven reasons why so much of my time goes into thinking, writing, and teaching about Leadership and Marketing.

I’ll expand on the first two of those here, and pick up a few more in the next day or two.

Like many others, there was probably a time when I thought they were two unrelated, totally distinct skills… although admittedly, that would have been a very long time ago.

In fact, regarding the Leadership side of the coin, my exposure came from my dad, who is still 100% engaged in full-time ministry in his early eighties. He’s always been a rock, and the person that people looked to when they wanted to get things done. It’s still like that today, and I’d imagine a lot of that probably rubbed off.

And the marketing side also came early. I knew at eight years old that I liked having money around a lot better than not, and I saw the way to get it was to provide a service that others really valued and were willing to pay for. Yes, at eight years old… I know, it’s different. By thirteen and fourteen I was immersed in the free enterprise system with several income streams, making decisions and figuring out why people buy.

The love and passion part would come much later, when I realized that helping others improve these skills could have a very positive impact on their lives and relationships. That’s when mentoring became a mission.


The second point yesterday touched on my belief that Leadership and Marketing are just about life. Whatever we’re doing, we’ll be more successful if we are working on improving these skills. It’s important to emphasize that these are skills… not inborn talents. They can be improved… though not everyone is willing to do the work.

In speaking with a couple of thirty-something marketing guys a while back, one said he thought the two didn’t go together… that Marketing was a right brain skill… and Leadership was a left brain skill. I decided to refrain from asking any questions about his brain, and instead asked him if he had ever run a business before. He had, he said… right into the ground, and very quickly too.

Interestingly enough, he also was having significant difficulty in his relationships. His marriage was in trouble, his children’s respect was suspect, and he was following a weak leader in his professional life. This is a recipe for struggle, a roadmap to strife… but it is correctable. Right or left brain activities though they may be, as people of purpose and influence, we need to work on both.

I look forward to speaking with you.



If you have money, but poor reputation or relationships… work on your Leadership skills.

If you have good relationships and reputation, but lack finances… work on your Marketing skills.

If you lack money, relationships, and reputation… at least you are here. The future doesn’t need to mirror the past.



What one issue in your personal or professional life would you like to see dramatically improve in the next twelve weeks? What is your plan?


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